IAC 2019 - THURSDAY 20 JUNE 2019

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09:00 – 09:30                   Parallel Sessions 1 - 3


                                          Parallel Session 1 - GRAND GALLERY

                                          Educative power of natural environment through experiential methodology

                                          Virginia Gómez Barrios, Lázaro Mediavilla Saldaña y Vicente Gómez Encinas   

                                         Parallel Session 2 - CEREMONY WING

                                         Sustainable mountaineering tourism on Lenin Peak, Kyrgyzstan: Current issues and potential solutions

                                         Stephen Taylor and Vladimir Komissarov

                                         Parallel Session 3 - GREEN BARN

                                         Indigenous sport and the nature        

                                         Eivind Å. Skille 

09:30 – 10:00                   Parallel Sessions 4 - 6


                                         Parallel Session 4 - GRAND GALLERY

                                         Redefining outdoor leadership: An ecological dynamics approach

                                          Jason King 

                                         Parallel Session 5 - CEREMONY WING

                                         Cognitive hierarchy approaches in natural and human capital management

                                         Randall Burtz & Jasmine Goodnow


                                         Parallel Session 6 - GREEN BARN

                                         Exit psychology: Insights from the edge - photographing UK BASE jumping

                                         Dave Gallagher

10:00 – 10:30                    Parallel Sessions 7 - 9


                                         Parallel Session 7 - GRAND GALLERY

                                         Towards a temporal leadership model for outdoor adventure guiding  

                                          Russell Henderson, Flurina Wartmann 

                                         Parallel Session 8 - CEREMONY WING

                                         Sustainable marine tourism development: The case of scuba diving in Kas, Turkey                   

                                         Carl Cater and Tahir Albayrak


                                         Parallel Session 9 - GREEN BARN

                                         Sustainable destination certification and innovation: Case studies of three Norwegian destinations

                                         Hin Hoarau-Heemstra & Dorthe Eide

10:30 – 11:00                    Parallel Sessions 10-12

                                        Parallel Session 10 - GRAND GALLERY

                                        The role of leader users in adventure tourism innovation: the case of snow parks

                                         Tanja Petry, Torge Nagel and Mike Peters

                                        Parallel Session 11 - CEREMONY WING

                                         "Sustainability is one of our core values!" THE UIAA & IFMGA 2018 Environmental Survey

                                          Carolina Adler & Leif Inge Magnussen

                                        Parallel Session 12 - GREEN BARN

                                        Animals, tourism, and the sustainable development goals

                                        Carol Kline and Hin Hoarau-Heemstra

11:00 - 11:30                    T&C Break

11:30 - 12:30                    Keynote Presentation - GRAND GALLERY

                                        Beyond risk & thrill: rethinking adventure in terms of psychological well-being

                                        Susan Houge Mackenzie

12:30 - 13:30                    Lunch and Networking

                                        POSTER PRESENTATIONS - THE BRIDE'S SUITE

13:30 - 14:00                   Parallel Sessions 13 - 15

                                        Parallel Session 13 - GRAND GALLERY

                                        The potential of rock climbing as an adventure tourism product

                                        Robert Nash, Claudia Ollenburg, Simen Undheim & Andrew Martin

                                        Parallel Session 14 - CEREMONY WING

                                        Reviving and sustaining the Fulari Sharo Festival in North-eastern Nigeria

                                        Eldah Ephraim Buba, Hafasat Mahmud  Hussaini, Jamila Waziri Mohammed, Sanusi Abubakar Sadiq

                                       Parallel Session 15 - GREEN BARN

                                       Exploring motivations and experiences of alpine hikers

                                       Bernhard Bichler             

14:00 - 14:30                  Parallel Sessions 16 - 18

                                      Parallel Session 16 - GRAND GALLERY

                                      Freely flowing tourists, fragmented demand, fragile nature, fleeting moments and a call for flexible solutions ‘en route’

                                       Jens Friis Jensen & Bodil Stilling Blichfeldt

                                      Parallel Session 17 - CEREMONY WING

                                      Critical ethics on dog mushing

                                      Christine Butz & Søren Mosgaard Andreasen

                                      Parallel Session 18 - GREEN BARN

                                      The appeal of mountain ultramarathons: The runners’ perspective

                                       Jadwiga Berbeka

14:30 - 15:00                  Parallel Sessions 19 - 21

                                      Parallel Session 19 - GRAND GALLERY

                                      The disconnecting power of a mountain experience: insights from mountain huts’ consumers

                                       Isabelle Frochot, Philippe Bourdeau & Mélanie Marcuzzi

                                     Parallel Session 20 - CEREMONY WING

                                     Tourist experiences in polar areas as a means of the development of empathy: the case of Polar Raid

                                     Lapland 2018

                                     Alba Medina Collado

                                     Parallel Session 21- GREEN BARN

                                     Why do we hike? A cross cultural comparison

                                     Antonie Bauer & Marni Goldenberg

15:00 - 16:30                Collective Ice Breaker / Team Builder

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