IAC 2019 - WEDNESDAY 19 JUNE 2019


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08:00 – 09:30               Arrivals and Registration

09:30 – 10:00                Welcome

                                       Steve Taylor, ATRA

                                      Professor Steven Olivier, University of the West of Scotland

                                      Duncan McConchie, Director, Laggan Activity Centre                                       

10:00 – 10:30                 Keynote Presentation

                                       Can Adventure tourism play a vital role in conserving Biodiversity and Natural Heritage if sustainably managed

                                       Neil Rogers (See Speaker Profile Page)

10:30 – 11:00                  Parallel Sessions 1 - 3


                                       Parallel Session 1 - GRAND GALLERY

                                       Prescribing adventures – analysing the benefits of adventure tourism for health and well-being

                                       Manuel Sand, Carola May and Sven Gross   

                                       Parallel Session 2 - CEREMONY WING

                                       Inclusive Adventure Travel: Strategies for reducing barriers for women, agender and non-binary gender identities,     

                                       and people with disabilities   

                                       KP Hartman, Jasmine Goodnow, Melissa D’Eloia

                                       Parallel Session 3 - GREEN BARN

                                       Becoming an adventurer: how adventure experience enhances the adventurous mindset       

                                       Brigitte Ars  

11:00 – 11:30                   Parallel Sessions 4 - 6


                                       Parallel Session 4 - GRAND GALLERY

                                       Family adventure tourism: towards collective well-being on holiday

                                       Gill Pomfret and Peter Varley 

                                       Parallel Session 5 - CEREMONY WING

                                       Gendered Adventure        

                                       Tiffany Low, Adele Doran, and Maggie Miller  

                                        Parallel Session 6 - GREEN BARN

                                        Serious or casual? Analysis of walking tourists in the Lake District National Park

                                       Nick Davies

11:30 – 12:00                   Parallel Sessions 7 - 9


                                       Parallel Session 7 - GRAND GALLERY

                                       Wrestling with discourses of ‘health’ in Australian National Parks  

                                       Nicki Taylor and Wayne Cotton 

                                       Parallel Session 8 - CEREMONY WING

                                       Participation of women in adventure sports                   

                                       Laura Martín Talavera, Lázaro Mediavilla Saldaña and Vicente Gómez Encinas


                                       Parallel Session 9 - GREEN BARN

                                       Drivers of Experience Value among Soft, Hard  & Adventure Tourists: The Role of Match with Self-image and

                                       Variety Seeking

                                       Nina Iversen, Elin Bolann and Leif Hem

12:00– 12:30                    Plenary Session

                                        Climbing Sherpa: Stories of the Solukhumbu

                                       Teryl Brouillette and Maggie Miller

12:30 - 13:30                   Lunch and Networking

                                       POSTER PRESENTATIONS - THE BRIDE'S SUITE

13:30 - 14:00                 Parallel Sessions 10 - 12

                                      Parallel Session 10 - GRAND GALLERY

                                      Who can be a mountaineer? Troubling the silences of adventure legacies

                                      Maggie C. Miller and Jenny Hall         

                                      Parallel Session 11 - CEREMONY WING

                                      Cohesion in Neo Tribes: The Case of Cycling Neo Tribes

                                      Kübra Aşan and Medet Yolal        


                                     Parallel Session 12 - GREEN BARN

                                     Examining the Attitude of Employees towards outdoor recreation participation with difficulty of mobility in

                                     Northern Nigeria

                                     Sanusi Abubakar Sadiq & Eldah Ephraim Buba             

14:00 - 14:30               Parallel Sessions 13 - 15

                                   Parallel Session 13 - GRAND GALLERY

                                   The entangled rhythms of a canoe journey: Rhythmanalysis, speculative fabulation and a tidal microadventure

                                    Richard Ensoll

                                    Parallel Session 14 - CEREMONY WING

                                    Cycle tourism and a sustainable world: The case of Warmshowers

                                    Rob Hood

                                    Parallel Session 15 - GREEN BARN

                                    The reach, capacity and potential for outdoor learning:  a Cumbrian case study

                                    David Harvey

14:30 - 15:00                Parallel Sessions 16 - 18

                                     Parallel Session 16 - GRAND GALLERY

                                     Swinging with the world – adventure tourism in an era of alienation

                                     Wolfgang Aschauer and Thomas Herdin

                                     Parallel Session 17 - CEREMONY WING

                                     Cycling in Scotland – female barriers to entry

                                     Andrew Martin

                                     Parallel Session 18 - GREEN BARN

                                      Exploring Motivations of Older Adults to Participation in Outdoor Adventure Activity in Ireland

                                      Joe Tierney & Catherine Gorman

15:00 - Evening           ACTIVITY PROGRAMME

                                      MOUNTAIN BIKING - KIRROUGHTREE FOREST
                                      WATERSPORTS - GAC
                                      WILD FORAGING - MOSS YARD BEACH
                                       LAGGAN OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES


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